Lightheaded music video for odD


A race of people with light bulbs for heads have become outcasts amongst the rest of the human race.

Cast & Crew

Male light: Jono Platt
Female light: Rachel Dargavel
Director: Iain Finlay
Producer: Rachel Dargavel
DOP: Iain Finlay
Costume: Jo Mapp
Editor: Iain Finlay
3D modeling&animation: Andy&Paula Love
Compostiting: Iain Finlay
Screening format options: DVCAM
Running time: 04min 38sec


Brasilia film festival 2007
Generate festival 2007
Portobello Film Festival 2007
Bang! Film Festival 2007
VXAuteur theory tour 2007
Cambridge Film Festival 2007
The big chill 2007
Sheffield Showcomotion Festival 2007
London Short Film Festival 2007


VXAuteur theory finalist (London Short Film Festival) 2007

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