Between Places Short film – Trailer


A man having a mid life crisis attempts to hold it together over a weekend of confidence and team-building workshops.

Cast & Crew

Roger – Sam Hazeldine
John – Nicholas Farrell
Christian – Nick Blood
Liv – Morven Christie
Sue – Rebecca Night
Writer / Director: Iain Finlay
Producers: Sarah Brocklehurst, Valentina Brazzini & Tristan Goligher
Casting: Shaheen Baig
Cinematography: Christopher Ross BSC
Editor: Jonny Stenton
Production Designer: Sarah Finlay
Costume: Joanne Mosley
Music: Finn McNicholas
Sound design: Anna Bertmark
Production Company: Rankin productions / Sarah Brocklehurst Productions / The Bureau
Screening format options: DCP/HDCAM
Running time: 19min 20sec


London Short Film Festival 2015